About Us

As an organisation we seek to empower youths through agriculture ,Technology and skill acquisition. We realize that without Empowerment,Innovation,Financial Freedom and Excellent Leadership, it is impossible to make head way in life; that is why our experts are always ready to train our members.

This vision is supported by Osiking Venture.


Empowerment,Technological Development and Financial Empowerment for Africa Youths.


Making sure Empowerment,Technological Development and Financial Empowerment gets to Africa Youths.

We help members build their Talents,if you want to Sing,Dance,Model,Actor/Actress,Comedian,or any other talents,or as a member you have any celebration,just let us know and we will promote it for free,through our blog.


Partners are needed in Nigeria for our skill acquisition programmes. So if you are into make-up,salon,web design,agriculture,funiture making,photography,cake and event planning,bead making,please call 08036813646